our mind is the limit

The purpose of this website is to introduce you to ideas that will enable you to be happier. After all, happiness is the goal we all share.

As human beings, we are powerful beyond measure. We are creators. Too often, our minds and the beliefs therein limit us and what we’re able to accomplish during our short time here. Our Mind Is the Limit.

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A Few Beliefs

Our beliefs shape our reality. Since we have the power to choose our beliefs, we have the power to shape our reality. Most of us do this subconsciously, but it is preferable to shape our reality consciously. That means we don’t have to get lucky to have a good life.

Many or most of our beliefs were given to us by others: parents, friends, society. We take a lot of them for granted and never question them even though they have a direct effect on everything we experience. I encourage you really to take an objective look at everything you take for granted. A lot of it can and should be discarded, and doing so will free you beyond your wildest dreams.

You can have anything you want by changing your beliefs.

Here is a list of a few of my most treasured beliefs. They make my life better, and they underlie everything I write and how I conduct myself day to day:

  • We are eternal consciousnesses temporarily housed in our physical bodies in this physical reality, completely immersed by choice in order to gain experience and expand our consciousness. This means when we die, the experience is comparable to our Earthly experience of waking up from a very vivid dream which we thought was real as we were experiencing it during sleep.
  • We are able to reconnect with our higher selves and the greater, non-physical reality from which we originated in order to be better equipped to navigate and manipulate this physical reality according to our desires.
  • Only we as individuals know what’s best for us. No one else shares our exact perspective, no one else has experienced what we have experienced. We can listen to advice, but in the end, we are in control and what we do with this life, this opportunity, is up to us as individuals. We are responsible for everything we experience.
  • Happiness is attainable regardless of our perceived outward circumstances.
  • Creativity and creation are the apex of human existence. When we create something and share it with the world, we are giving ourselves to the world. We are fulfilling our noblest purpose, and as a result, we experience true happiness.
  • Earth is a place with boundless beauty and abundant resources.


What to Expect

Some of the things I write may seem a bit crazy. In the past they would have seemed crazy to me as well, but I try my best to keep an open mindI hope you’ll do the same during your stay and beyond.

Most of the writing here will have a spiritual undertone if not being outright about spiritual topics, but you can also expect a lot of self-development topics, and even some fictionphotography, and poetry.


Thanks for visiting, enjoy!

– Chaki